The world of Erol

Erol's Adventure Log

A very breif summary of events up until now.)

As time allows I will fill in the details of what happened to get us to this point. Feel free to send me notes you have of events because I surely will not remember them all, and remember some inaccurately. Or to even update the log yourself, as soon as I figure out how that works. I am also sure that I am not even close to chronological order for this.

  • Cameron and Benedict won their freedom from Ellia by fighting in the arena there, and were banished to Ilaren.
  • Sylvian, Marcellus, and Kyra saved Kyra’s mother (Melanie) from orcs in Ilaren.
  • they all met each other under circumstances that Justin no longer remembers clearly.
  • After much bickering the group headed for Thom and learned of Isaiah a halfelf who was attempting to unlock a great power. The party followed him to the northern delta. Cameron began finding the cards there.
  • The group headed back to Kievs which was attacked by Doom Gaze. Which was defeated by the luckiest of shots by Marcellus.
  • The party traveled back to Ilaren to “drop off” Kyra. And was attacked by nightmares.
  • Party travels on a tip to Lake Everblood attempting to find out more about Ellia.
  • Cameron runs into Elly the ghost of the caretaker’s former lover. Learns about the cards. And About the caretaker’s beginnings.
  • Party returns to ellia, cannot penetrate the capitol’s walls and then head for ruins in the north where they find a letter asking for the compassion from the caretaker. Cameron and Benedict find their parent’s former home.
  • Party is granted an audience by the Caretaker. He explains his motivations to them.
  • Party is sent to back to Ilaren. They travel to Talanah after Sylvian is invited there.
  • Benedict leaves. Skorn joins.
  • Party finds out about Half elven unrest. The leader of these dissidents they later learn is Isaiah
  • Party assists Talanah’s King in quelling the uprising. Half Elves retreat.
  • Party splits up.
  • Sylvian and Skorn go to Providence, enter the tower in search of the Triforce. Meet Chinok. Find Triforce. Also find the remains of a Elven male and a Drow female. Tolerance ensues.
  • Cameron and marcellus Went treasure hunting near Soretta (This is an educated guess.) Looking for ? (the grail of good maybe) What I do know is that somewhere along the way Marcellus finds The Symbol of Faith.
  • The group reunites and the grail of good is stolen by Lucky.
  • Party heads to Empire of Gabriel where the twin emperors are holding the grail of good. They claim to be safeguarding it.
  • Party recieves word that Sylvian’s presence is requested at negotiations between the Elves and halfelves. Party helps facilitate negotiation. The elves are unhappy with the concessions they must make. Isaiah, makes overtures of peace to everyone.
  • Party is asked to defeat the giants near the sea. find out the hill giants there are good. Then join the Hill giants in battle against soe fire giants in the nearby caves.
    *Kyra is kidnapped by Isaiah, Sylvian follows them… alone.
  • Jorin joins in providence.
  • Cameron convinces the party to complete various missions for the nightsong guild.
  • The party after a hiatus follows Sylvian to Mt. Arla to confront Isaiah.
  • The party barely defeats Isaiah in an epic clash of good vs. evil. but not before The Crusader(item) impales Kyra and transforms her into the legendary beast Crusader(Character)
  • The party wakes up and decides to fight the optional white dragon.
  • The party heads back to providence. Skorn leaves after some kind of disagreement.
  • Jorin publishes a book of his deeds to date
  • The party heads for the tower of Providence SO Cameron can collect some of the cards he knows are there due to his book.
  • Oryn joins. Chinok guides the party to the top.
  • Party finds the Way to the top. Exit onto the floating Continent. Discover evidence of a highly technological civilization. Also discover the home of the warforged race. However they are all forbidden from bearing arms. Chinok learns he was the first and only offspring ever produced by the warforged. This process was assisted by a pixie from the land below. Caretaker then came and decimated the people and locked Chinok in the tower.
  • Party met the old man on the precipice. He has the Ace of spades, and agreed to hand it over if cameron can collect the rest and bring them back.
  • Party was thrown off the edge. Woke up completely different.
  • Learned of the Yuan-ti leader Zoldathra, and his scheme to take over Providence. Saved citizens but not the city of providence from an angry Crusader.
  • Jorin helps his parents and other citizens evacuate to the dwarven lands from Wheadon.
  • Party defeats Zoldathra. Sets sail for Mt. Arla
  • Party is pulled into Lifespring Reef. Jorin is missing. Assist King Levi in restoring the Oxyale generator. Receive Oxyale as payment.
  • Party is teleported to Crow island. Run into Sylvian, who was being tailed by Lucky.
  • Travel to mt. Arla and confront the Crusader with the Dusk shard.


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