Welcome to the homepage of my D&D 4E campaign. It is set in a world known as Erol. 600 years after the world war, Erol – on the surface – is thriving once again. Cities have been rebuilt, nations are growing, wonders both magical and mundane are prevalent. Beneath the surface, Erol is shrouded in mystery and darkness. Six men travel the world in search of answers:

  • Cameron, an orphan raised as a slave seeks to overthrow his former oppressor.
  • Marcellus, a Devout servant of Heironeous travels the world upholding the code of the paladin.
  • Slyvian, an elf driven from his home in disgrace on the losing end of civil war searches for redemption.
  • Oryn, a scholar, looks to unlock the mysteries, and power, of the ancient Tower of Providence.
  • Jorin, a young warrior strikes out on his own to earn fame and fortune for himself and his hometown.
  • Skorn, a drow elf explores the furthest reaches for arcane artifacts and deliverance from the legacy of his people.

Fate has brought them together (mostly), and battle has united them. Can they accomplish the goals they seek to achieve? What secrets lie in wait for them? Only time will tell.

The world of Erol